About Balise Riverdale Car Wash

Balise Riverdale Car Wash, the long-awaited second Balise Car Wash location in Western MA, is officially open in West Springfield, MA on Wayside Avenue.

The newest location touts impressive new SpinLite® Car Wash Equipment and technology and Underbody Turbo Wash. Balise Car Wash is the first car wash in the country to feature this state-of-the-art technology which offers a gentle and thorough clean designed to deliver “Better Than a Hand Wash” result.

Like our Hyannis and Springfield locations, our wash systems are designed to save, preserve and reuse the Earth's resources as much as possible.

Approximately 70% of the water used at the car wash is reclaimed, retreated and reused. As far as comparisons go, one wash at our car wash uses 81% less water than the average at-home driveway car wash.

"Balise Car Wash is 100% committed to providing environmentally friendly washes and exceptional customer experience," says Jeb Balise, CEO of Balise Motor Sales. "When your car comes through our wash, it will look and feel as new as the day you picked it up. Best of all, you'll have peace of mind in knowing it was cleaned using eco-friendly technology."

Balise Riverdale Car Wash also offers full detailing services for guests. Drop your car off for detailing and relax in our guest lounge-grab a coffee, watch television or hop on our complimentary WiFi to get some work done. Our goal is always to provide a comfortable environment for our guests while taking the best care of your vehicle.

As we noted above, Balise Riverdale Car Wash is our second car wash in Western MA, but it’s our third car wash total!

In July 2012, we opened the Balise Hyannis Car Wash on the Cape and began an amazing journey. We opened our second location, Balise Columbus Ave Car Wash, in November of 2015 in Springfield, MA. We are recognized as a leader in environmentally friendly wash technology and there are no washes like it anywhere in the state!

We want you to love the Balise Riverdale Car Wash as much as you love your car.

Balise Riverdale Car Wash is Eco-Friendly

Balise Riverdale Car Wash is on the leading edge of green technology. Approximately 70% of the water used is reclaimed, retreated and reused. Each wash requires only 22.2 gallons of "new" water. By way of comparison, a tunnel car wash with a moderate amount of high-pressure applications could use 120 gallons of water per vehicle, according to Auto Laundry News1, and the average driveway car wash uses 116 gallons of water, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection2.

By conserving water usage, pre-treating wastewater and using environmentally safe products, Balise Riverdale Car Wash helps contribute to a cleaner West Springfield.

1Auto Laundry News, March 2011

2Massachusetts Department of Enviromental Protection

You Can Trust Balise Riverdale Car Wash!

Balise Riverdale Car Wash Balise Riverdale Car Wash implements SpinMitt wash wheels and Soft Foam Arms to deliver an ultra-quiet, thorough and gentle massaging clean. The speed of the arms produce a gentler interaction with all vehicle surfaces while removing dirt with multiple cleaning edges. You can trust that your car will be amazingly clean without having to worry about whether your vehicle will be damaged.*

*Our car wash is very safe, but there are certain items we can not be responsible for, including power antennas, bug shields, luggage racks, sun visors, running boards, glued-on spoilers, non-factory-installed items and objects/debris in pickup beds.